Activist urges Southport residents to engage in online consultation

In 2016, the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Sir Henry Segrave’s land speed record took place on Ainsdale beach.

Southport’s heritage activist, Merseyside recommends people participate in an online consultation hosted by the local authority regarding the future use of Ainsdale’s coastal waterfront, also known as Ainsdale On Sea.

David Barton has already raised a series of suggestions, namely the increased use of the entire Southport coastline for recreation and green commerce. In 2016, he and two-thirds successfully hosted Sir Henry Segrave’s 90th anniversary land speed record celebration on Ainsdale beach.

The community activist argues that in order to attract high-caliber foreign investment, due consideration should be given to the place-building principles that govern and continue to successfully govern other parts of the UK and elsewhere in the world , such as particular regions of Europe and the Americas.

Mr Barton says: “It is good to see Sefton Council continuing its online consultations which can only support better decision making overall. As this is a hypothetical document outlining potential plans for the region, it is a great use of the internet in practice, although I would always recommend a full in-person prospecting where such proposals can be made. formally proposed in any future strategic action plan across Southport and the Sefton area.

He says: “Having co-hosted the very successful 90th anniversary celebration of the Sir Henry Segrave Land Speed ​​Record at Ainsdale Beach, I would also like to stipulate a new mutually respectful and heartfelt approach that recognizes each other’s contribution. This is especially the case if the local authority wishes to see increased and continued incarnations of this high-quality style of entertainment which in no way can simply be recreated without the precise level of skill.

“I would like once again to remind the local authority of the advantages of Ainsdale’s geographic positioning and what concepts may be better suited and unique to the Sefton coastline here, as opposed to generic ideas which are and can be achieved anywhere, regardless of location by the sea or based on the mainland. “

Mr. Barton has produced, submitted and described a variety of themes and ideas, based on his own prospecting of local residents, businesses and potential commercial civic restaurateurs, which can also be supported by many others as follows:

  1. Comprehensive urgent repair and restoration of the Toad Room, including the facade for future commercial civic restaurateurs who may create a luxury hotel.
  2. Increased beach parking along Southport’s four beaches to increase visitor revenue for the local authority and reduce congestion on freeways.
  3. Positive and constructive in working with all key stakeholders to achieve the best results for everyone involved.
  4. Increase in the supply of outdoor entertainment throughout the year.
  5. Continuous waste collection service with reduction incentives for those who bring their waste home.
  6. Beach vendors are a fixture during peak tourist season, especially summer and major entertainment events, generating rental income for local authorities.
  7. Discrete and regularly cleaned sanitary blocks with priority for young mothers and children, encouraging responsible use by all.
  8. Regular marram grass clearing, upon approval required to alleviate parking issues in the Ainsdale and Formby neighborhood.
  9. Comprehensive urgent repair and restoration of The Sands Public House, including the facade and previously removed Victorian verandas, for future commercial civic restaurateurs who can create a quiet café retreat.
  10. Use for training by military services sporadically throughout the year to deter visitors from venturing too far out to sea.

You can complete the consultation here.

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