Best Online Form Builders of 2021


The best online form builders make it easy to build online forms, for everything from collecting customer feedback to marketing, often using drag and drop functionality without the need for coding.

The best online form builder

Online forms are extremely versatile and there are many reasons to use one. If you are a business that sells a product or service, you might want to know what your customers are thinking. Marketers need forms to convert visitors into leads, and students can use them to collect qualitative data for research projects.

Either way, you’ll usually find that forms are an integral part of project management software as well as customer relationship management (CRM) software for precisely these reasons.

Online forms used to be ugly, but that’s not the case with the best form builders available. They have evolved in both style and functionality, allowing you to be inventive and creative when it comes to achieving your forms-related goals.

Keep in mind that you might not need all of the features that come with a form builder; it is not necessarily something that should break the bank. Make sure the one you choose offers just enough features for you to achieve your goal.

Here we present the best online form builders currently available.


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1. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

The best free form builder

Reasons to buy

+Up to 1000 form fields+Drag and drop+12 different types of fields+Integrates with Hubspot services

Hubspot Free Online Form Builder is one of the best online form builders just because it’s free. Designed for small and medium businesses, the free version allows you to use up to 1000 form fields. It’s easy to use, with a drag-and-drop form builder that lets you embed a form into a website in seconds. It offers 12 different types of fields – such as text, drop-down list, radio selection, checkbox, date picker, etc.

The Form Builder is a gateway to get you to sign up for the full Hubspot marketing suite, which makes it even more powerful, but even on its own this free form builder will do the job for most people.


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2. Forms of gravity

The established form builder

Reasons to buy

+Established service+WordPress plugin+Integrations

Gravity Forms has been around as a WordPress plugin for a long time and has grown into a feature rich form builder. Packing all the tools you need to quickly create professional forms on your website, it has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with features like conditional formatting, custom HTML insertion, and more.

Its integrations set it apart from the competition, allowing forms to be completed by many third-party services – from Paypal and Slack to Zapier and MailChimp. A free trial is available.


(Image credit: Typeform)

3. Entry form

The well-designed form builder

Reasons to buy

+Beautiful design+Multimedia options+Integrations

Typeform is the best online form builder if you value beautiful design above all else. It has a smooth interface that keeps people engaged, especially when form questions are written in a conversational tone.

Forms can be made more engaging through the use of images, videos, and animated GIFs, which is done in a subtle way that encourages visitors to keep answering questions rather than distracting them. Typeform allows you to customize a welcome screen and comes with simple analytics to provide information at a glance.

Integrated integration with Google Sheets and MailChimp, added to over 500 integrations with Zapier, further expands its functionality.


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4. WuFoo

Online forms for rich data collection

Reasons to buy

+Rich data collection+Complex reports+Online payments

WuFoo is one of the best online form makers if you want to collect rich data and query it using complex reports and detailed analysis. Used by big hitters like; Best buy; Disney; Microsoft; Sony; and Twitter, WuFoo’s online form generator lets you collect data, files, and payments without writing a single line of code.

It also accepts online payments through its payment partners, including PayPal and Stripe, and its automated workflows allow data to be transferred to a CRM or marketing automation system on the fly.


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5. Microsoft forms

Microsoft Form Builder

Reasons to buy

+Create polls+View the data+Organize events

Designed for home, school, and work use, Microsoft Forms is Redmond’s answer to Google Forms. It offers the ability to create surveys to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organize team events.

Whether you want to create surveys, quizzes, or other forms, Microsoft Forms collects responses in real time and automatically visualizes the data for deeper insight, combining with Excel to perform personalized, in-depth analysis in the back- end.


(Image credit: Formstack)

6. Pile of forms

The superb form builder

Reasons to buy

+Forms without code+Drag and drop+Automation workflow+Integrations

Used by companies like Netflix and Twitter, Formstack allows you to create great looking forms without knowing how to code. It has a drag and drop form builder that includes hundreds of templates to get the forms up and running quickly.

Formstack’s nifty automation workflows let you connect it to everything from MailChimp to PayPal, Hubspot, and Google Docs. And, whatever you do with it, you’ll be kept up to date with email notifications – and the time can be even longer with automatic project approval.


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7. Paper form

Creating forms for landing pages

Reasons to buy

+Create landing pages+Free try+Rich media+Integrations

Paperform is a great option if you want to create forms that look like landing pages. Offered with a 14-day free trial, it aims to make the form creation process as easy as writing a document, with the ability to style text, upload images, embed videos, and edit. colors and fonts to match your brand.

Its features include a fast and powerful editor; support for payments and subscriptions; reservations, appointments and planning; personalized emails, success pages and PDFs. If that’s not enough, it can integrate with a wide range of third-party apps to further expand its functionality.


(Image credit: Form site)

8. Form site

Secure form creation

Reasons to buy

+Secure Forms+For sensitive data+Dynamic+Visualization

Formsite is one of the most secure form builders for sensitive collective data thanks to its ability to encrypt form submissions. It contains many other features, including the ability to save survey responses and complete them later. Its dynamic form builder comes with a toolkit of over 40 different types of elements, which can be dragged and dropped into the Formsite interface.

Formsite also includes a wide range of data visualization options to get the most out of the data, ranging from charts and tables to custom reports that can be merged with Microsoft Word documents or converted to PDF.


(Image credit: Cognito)

9. Cognitive forms

The unlimited form builder

Reasons to buy

+Unlimited forms+Integrate payments+Powerful shapes+Conditional logic

Cognito Forms lets you create an unlimited number of forms with its intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Like the best online form builders, it lets you integrate payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, and Square to accept payments from visitors. Cognito Forms is one of the most powerful form builders due to its ability to let you perform powerful calculations that can compare total costs, compare dates, and more.

This can be reinforced with conditional logic to control which fields people see, and dynamic repeating sections are ideal for collecting as much or little data from customers. It’s free for individuals, offering 100MB of storage, the price of which increases in stages until the Enterprise option which provides up to 100GB of storage.


(Image credit: Growform)

10. Form of growth

Easy to use form builder

Reasons to buy

+Drag and drop+Integrate anywhere+Focused on prospects

Growform is another form builder that offers a range of templates and a drag and drop builder so that forms can be configured without any coding. The company says its goal is to produce more attractive forms that can double conversion rates.

Forms are easy to integrate and provide the ability to integrate with a wide range of platforms and applications to manage lead generation through Zapier. While Growform should be easy to set up, support is available to help you if needed, and there is a 14-day free trial to try it out.


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