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New Delhi: On Monday, the Union Health Ministry opened on-site registration / facilitated cohort registration on the CoWIN digital platform for the 18-44 age group, but it will be provided to centers government COVID vaccine (CVC).

The decision was taken to minimize vaccine wastage and provide vaccination to those with limited access to cell phones and the Internet.

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According to the press release, some points were made for the same:

  • In the case of sessions held exclusively with online slots, towards the end of the day some doses may still be left unused in case the designated beneficiaries online do not show up on the day of vaccination for some reason. In such cases, on-site registration of a few beneficiaries may be necessary to minimize vaccine wastage.
  • Even though CoWIN offers features such as registration of up to 4 beneficiaries with a mobile phone number, registration and appointments facilitated through applications, such as ArogyaSetu and Umang and through common service centers etc., people requiring a facilitated cohort setup and those who do not have access to the internet, smartphones or cell phones may still have limited access for vaccination.

The facility will currently not be available to private Covid vaccination centers, and private CVCs will need to advertise their vaccination schedule with slots specifically for online appointments.

“This feature will only be used upon the decision of the respective state government / UT to do so. The State / UT should decide whether to open on-site registrations / facilitated cohort registration and appointments for the 18-44 age group depending on the local context, as well as an additional measure for to minimize the wastage of vaccines and to facilitate the vaccination of eligible beneficiaries in the age group 18-44 years, ”the statement added.

According to the statement, fully booked sessions can also be arranged to provide immunization services to beneficiaries belonging to facilitated cohorts. Wherever such fully booked sessions are held, every effort should also be made to mobilize such beneficiaries in sufficient numbers.

The Union Health Ministry has also advised States / UTs to exercise caution and extreme caution when opening registrations and on-site appointments for 18-44 year olds, in order to avoid overcrowding in vaccination centers.

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