eConsult launches all-in-one online consultation app for Filipinos


eConsult, a unique online consultation mobile app, allows Filipinos to access more than seven types of services in a single app. According to Elmo Nobleza, founder of the eConsult app, the inspiration behind the project came at the height of the pandemic last year, when Filipinos have limited access to the most important services due to quarantine restrictions imposed on them. nationwide. Nobleza said that initially the goal of the app was to meet the needs of healthcare providers while minimizing the risk of contracting the disease. “Access to health care has been one of the biggest challenges for Filipinos in 2020 as doctors are out of reach, patients cannot go to hospitals for their checkups and medications, even the simple consultations for non-COVID illnesses have been difficult to conduct, ”he explained. “But, over the months, we realized that it wasn’t just healthcare professionals who needed this kind of platform, so we decided to broaden the scope of the app. , making it a one-stop-shop for professionals who want to continue working in the safety and comfort of their chosen workplace while providing quality advice to their clients, ”he added. eConsult founders came together to create a mobile app solution that will cater for all consulting related services that can be provided online. Some of the most popular categories include health and wellness, improvement self, financial growth, business consulting, digital marketing, music and even fortune telling. “Clients can book a consultation with doctors and lawyers of their choice and have access to sessions with accountants, business consultants, fitness instructors, music teachers, crystal healers, feng shui, and even tarot card readers, ”Nobleza said. Nobleza said the online consultation app aims to help both professionals, instructors, coaches and readers by providing a platform that will match demand and supply. “Doctors can increase their income without the risk of face-to-face consultation, as they can make a video call or a conversation to conduct their business, as can lawyers and wellness coaches,” explained Nobleza. Customers can expect a safe, secure and easy-to-navigate online consultation application that will take care of the most important issues, whether it be healthcare, legal, business, welfare or extracurricular activities. Currently, e-Consult is developing its network of professionals in various specializations, service providers with varied expertise and wellness coaches from different backgrounds and disciplines to meet the needs of every Filipino.

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