eConsult selected as official online consultation tool of the Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense (MOD) has made the eConsult telemedicine provider its official online consultation tool for primary care. Responding to the need for remote medical care catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform has been made available to all medical centers at MOD sites around the world.

The 124 international sites, extending as far as the Falklands, Brunei and Belize, as well as the United Kingdom, serve around 183,500 soldiers who will now have access to these “online consultations”.


EConsult’s digital platform helps sort patient queries through a simple online form which, when completed, is sent to the patient’s NHS practice for review. The form gathers key information about patients about the symptoms they are experiencing and other identifying characteristics, allowing clinicians to assess and prioritize those most in need of care. Users can fill out the form at any time, even outside of surgery hours, and it takes about three minutes for clinicians to review and process. The platform itself can also provide self-help advice or redirect users to local self-referral services and pharmacy advice.

The platform is already the NHS ‘most popular online consultation tool, serving more than 2,800 GP practices in the UK – around a third of practices nationwide – which adds up to around 21, 2 million patients. Throughout its use during the pandemic, 95% of e-consultations were resolved without the need for a face-to-face follow-up consultation, significantly reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in communities. general practitioners’ offices.

eConsult and MOD worked to mobilize the platform as quickly as possible, rolling it out to all MOD medical centers in the UK within 24 hours and all others within five weeks. This process included implementation, training MOD clinicians on the platform, and a communications effort to educate all staff about the tool.


The success of online consultations underscores the move towards a digital triage approach primarily for primary care. As health care providers begin to watch beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telemedicine platforms like a digital front door seems more and more likely.


Dr Murray Ellender, GP and CEO of eConsult, commented: “We are delighted to have partnered with the MOD, supporting their staff with remote medical consultations. With the contagious nature of COVID-19, it was essential that we act quickly and give all staff quick access to their local medical centers, without having to come into contact with another person. “

Commander Andrew Horlock, DHDO Project Leader, commented: “The Defense Healthcare Delivery Optimization Program and eConsult Health have delivered eConsult at a steady pace to 124 primary healthcare facilities across the Defense in five weeks, both in the UK and internationally, to Brunei. , Nepal and the Falklands. This enabled around 183,500 service personnel and their dependents to access Defense primary health care remotely, via their mobile phone, computer or tablet. It also allowed clinicians to continue to see patients while limiting patient attendance at primary health care settings during the COVID 19 crisis. “

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