HealthUno online consultation platform to enroll 8,000 allopathy and Ayurveda practitioners by 2024

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (NewsSee) • The platform provides equal visibility and opportunities for Ayurvedic practitioners. The soon-to-be-launched HealthUno Pharmacy will grow the platform into an 8,000 complete solution provider by 2024, as part of its strategy to achieve a 25% market share in the online consultation sector in India by the same period. The company is set to launch HealthUno Pharmacy, its e-commerce pharmacy within the next 3 months. As is currently the case, a significant portion of the doctors in its network will be Ayurvedic practitioners. HealthUno has an exclusive Ayurveda platform for customers to get consultations with Ayurvedic experts and benefit from Ayurvedic therapies delivered by trained therapists at their doorstep. Ayurvedic therapies that are currently popular on the platform are relaxation therapy and panchakarma therapy. HealthUno facilitates approximately 750 online consultations per day. It is expected to increase tenfold over the next three years. To fuel its growth and the launch of new products, HealthUno plans to bring in investors. In his comments, Mr. Godwin, CEO of HealthUno, said, “We launched HealthUno in 2021, but in a short time we have already crossed 15,000 installs. Our main differentiator is that where other telemedicine platforms only focus on allopathic consultation and medication, we extend our platform to Ayurveda and other Indian systems of medicine. This decision came at the right time, as post-pandemic people are more open to herbal medicines and traditional health care. Our e-pharmacy will help us fill the gap in our service portfolio and help us become a complete solution provider in e-health services. HealthUno gathers information on leading health practitioners – who belong to allopathy and ayurveda, across the country. His team contacts highly rated professionals in person; solicits their participation on its platform, and collects the necessary information. Its in-house panel of physicians checks physician credentials – third-party verification is also performed in some cases. Once the sorting and selection is done, it brings the specialists for its users. It has mechanisms allowing each user to benefit from fair and active online consultation. The app ensures that online medical consultations take place on a secure platform and confidentiality is maintained. The specialists available on its platform cover the entire spectrum of healthcare fields – from cardiology to nephrology. HealthUno is partnering with pharmacies for pin codes all over the country. The app will facilitate order fulfillment with the support of local logistics companies. Registered pharmacies will be placed under the scanner of quality and compliance inspection. Healthcare professionals and pharmacies that participate in HealthUno and UnoPharmacy are trained to meet the company’s service and drug delivery standards. For more details, please visit: HealthUno app is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Download our app: Patient app:; Doctor’s app: REP REP

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