Highland Council urges parents to complete an online form for the new school at Ness Castle and Ness-side in Inverness

Headquarters of the Highland Council at Glenurquhart Road in Inverness.

Parents and guardians from primary schools in the Inverness area are asked to complete an online form by next Monday.

The form will help Highland Council understand the intended school role for the new school at Ness Castle and Ness-side upon its completion.

The form can be completed online at council website and a hard copy can be requested from your school office.

Registration for Primary 1 and ELC will take place at the end of January and beginning of February. Parents and guardians who have a child due to start ELC or Primary 1 will be able to enroll in the new school at Ness Castle. Further details can also be found on the council website.

A spokesperson said: “Completion of the form will also allow the school’s new principal, Craig Connon, to communicate and engage with the new school community.

“This includes committing to milestones for the school such as opening the school and finalizing the school name.”

Officers are currently working on staffing the school and planning for the new session in August. For all pupils living in the catchment area of ​​the new school, it is expected that all pupils in P5 and below will move into the new school to start the new school term after the summer holiday period.

Pupils who are currently in P6 can choose to stay at their current school to complete their final year.

The basin secondary school for Ness Castle and Ness-side is Inverness Royal Academy.

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