Home affairs prepare pilot project of online dating system


The Home Office (DHA) is looking to pilot its online dating system at five of its branches from Dec. 3, chief executive Tommy Makhode said.

Makhode and the DHA delegation today briefed the Home Affairs Portfolio Committee on the implementation of the branch appointment booking system, among other matters.

The appointment system, according to the department’s CIO, will be web and text-based.

DG Makhodé told the committee that the nomination system has gone through a number of phases since its inception announcement, including system security and quality assurance testing.

He said the pilot would take place at the heavily trafficked home affairs branches. “We hope to pilot in five offices from December 3 to March 31, 2022.”

According to Makhode, the offices where the appointment system will be tested are located in Gauteng in Akasia and Byron Place, in Wynberg and Paarl in the Western Cape, and in Tongaat in KwaZulu-Natal, to test the appointment booking system. you.

“If it is successful, we should be able to deploy it to other offices,” he said, adding that alongside that is the work DHA is doing with banks to increase its footprint. “They’re also working around some of these activities to make sure they’re providing us with the support we need.”

The DHA – whose main function is to manage the identity, civil status and migration of citizens – has embarked on a process of modernizing its systems and services, which, it hopes, will make it possible to challenges such as queues and network downtime.

In September, DHA told the portfolio committee that it was developing an appointment system to reduce the number of people visiting home affairs branches.

At the time, Makhode compared the appointment system to the one that customers currently use to reserve passports and ID cards with chips at their respective banks.

He also said the ministry was also exploring, through its own in-house developers, how to add platforms such as WhatsApp and USSD to the dating system, to allow better access for almost everyone.

The Home Affairs Department will join with other government entities such as the Road Traffic Management Corporation and the Gauteng Education Department to make an appointment system available for contact with customers.