Hong Kong youth groups ease hospital stress with free online consultation amid outbreak

The free online consultation launched by youth groups in Hong Kong has benefited more than 1,300 patients in the financial hub hit by the COVID-19 outbreak since late February.

The Hong Kong Youth Development Alliance and the Y.Elites Association have arranged for private doctors to conduct video consultations for patients through the online medical platform ‘iMeddy’ as public hospitals in Hong Kong are overwhelmed with a surge cases.

A three-day set of basic drugs, such as antipyretics, painkillers and antibiotics, will be prescribed according to the patient’s condition, and the drugs will be delivered to the patient’s home by a volunteer team from the Hong Kong. Youth Development Alliance.

Currently, the free service is supported by more than 20 physicians. Some field inquiries from home after work, while others use their lunch hours to help patients.

Tse Yuet-fu, who has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years, is one of the doctors participating in the service using his free time. He has conducted online consultations for around 150 patients so far, apart from his routine heavy workload.

“I don’t feel tired,” he said, noting that the most important thing to him is helping those in need.

The platform can handle a daily average of 300 to 400 cases, and it is seeking help from more doctors to increase capacity to 1,000 to 2,000 per day.

In order to increase the number of community isolation facilities (CIF), the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, with the full support of the central government, has started work on nine sites. Among them, Tsing Yi CIF started admitting COVID-19 patients on March 1.

The HKSAR reported 37,529 new COVID-19 cases and 150 deaths on Saturday, according to official data.