How to set up an online consultation process for your business

Technology has brought about a change in the way society meets its daily needs. Today, there are better and more efficient ways to do business. One of the innovations that has recently gained popularity is online consultation.

Thanks to virtual consultations, potential clients no longer need to visit your company’s premises to find out more about your services. All you need is an internet connection and a video conferencing platform.

Suppose you own a construction company and want to offer online consulting to your target audience. How are you going to set up this consultation? You want to do it right to make sure you win more customers.

This article discusses guidelines you can adopt to help you on this journey. It would be useful to do the following:

Advertise your services

In business, it is crucial to advertise your services, whether new or old. In this case, you want to let the public know that you offer virtual consultations, perhaps in addition to in-person consultations.

In doing so, it is important to use the right advertising platforms to ensure your target audience sees it and takes action. That said, advertise these services on your company’s website and social media accounts. Make the ad as compelling as possible to grab their attention.

Also, make sure the ad is as detailed as possible. Provide more information, such as the services you will offer during the consultation, such as virtual estimates. Some customers might wonder, what is a virtual quote? You can answer this question and disclose its benefits to gain the trust of your potential clients to book a consultation online.

Find a suitable video conferencing tool

Find a suitable video conferencing tool

For a successful online consultation, you need the right tools for the job. One of these tools is a video conferencing platform.

This platform will provide an atmosphere where your customers can feel as if they are physically with you, thanks to its video features. This will help establish their credibility and establish a relationship of trust that could lead them to seek out your services.

When looking for a video conferencing tool, make sure it is user-friendly. Your customers should have no trouble joining the virtual meeting. If they find it too complicated, they can abandon the whole process and look for another supplier.

The features of the tool also come into play. The more useful they are, the better you can personalize your virtual consultations. You can use features like screen sharing and annotations to have more interactive meetings. Making the most of features that promote personalization and engagement will help you sell your business, making potential customers feel at home.

Provide convenience to your potential customers by ensuring that they can download and access the video conferencing tool from any gadget, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. a laptop.

Configure a workspace

Professionalism is a trait you must demonstrate when conducting virtual meetings or consultations. This is an attribute that most clients look for when looking for professional services because it defines the working relationship they will have with you.

One way to show professionalism is to have a nice, tidy workspace for your consultation. Consider finding a suitable location, preferably a corner or section with no distractions. Some distractions that could arise are noise, too much decoration in the background, and household members accidentally barging in.

You want to make sure your potential client is focused on what you have to say and that you don’t get distracted during the consultation. Preferably, opt for a workspace with a plain background, such as a white, gray or cream wall. Also have all the items you need for the process, including a notebook, calculator for estimates, pens, and other necessary items.

Prepare a portfolio

In construction, before and after photos play a major role in win customers. They showcase your technical skills, which is what potential customers are looking for.

It is therefore best to prepare these photos before the consultation and show them to your clients. It would be helpful to create a slideshow of your work to showcase your skills. Remember, moderation is key. It should neither be too short nor too long. You don’t want your potential customers to lose focus because of a huge gallery.

When preparing the portfolio, make sure the images are of high quality. This will likely inspire your potential clients to imagine what their project will look like if they choose to work with you. Additionally, the portfolio will create positive emotions that can convince clients that you are the best company for the job.


Online consultation services help you meet the needs of your clients wherever they are. Providing such convenience is a plus for your business. The discussion above gave a guide to holding a successful online consultation.

Ultimately, proper preparation for the consultation is key to ensuring its success. Your potential customers will likely notice it, which is a perfect way to make a great first impression.