LGH offers online consultation for dengue fever patients

LAHORE – Lahore General Hospital (LGH) has uploaded [Skype] council to provide guidelines for dengue patients so they can start initial treatment at home.

This was revealed by Dr. Muhammad Al-freed Zafar, Professor at Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) / Ameeruddin Medical College (AMC), during a training workshop, held at the hospital on Saturday. . He said that separately, a helpline had also been set up through which citizens could get information if they were suffering from dengue fever.

He added that through this facility, patients can contact Skype ID: [email protected] or Land Helpline number 042-99268847, which was also assigned to assist dengue patients.

Assistant Professor of Medicine Dr. Muhammad Maqsood had been appointed as the clinical focal point for dengue fever at the LGH, who would ensure the best possible medical facilities for dengue patients coming to the hospital.

Prof Al-freed said patients with mild symptoms of common fever are also coming to hospitals due to fear of dengue fever,

MS LGH Dr Khalid Bin Aslam, Dr Jafar Hussain, Dr Abdul Aziz, Superintendent of Nursing Maimona Sattar and a large number of doctors attended the workshop.