Mangaluru: FMHMC & H launches an online consultation service

Press release

Mangaluru, October 1 Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital (FMHMC & H) as part of the specialized clinic ‘Care & Cure’ launched an online consultation service on Friday October 1st.

Witnessing the benefits of patients by the specialized clinics which started in August 2021 and with the requests of the general public, this stage of beginning of virtual consultation has been resumed. Later, the services will be extended to all types of diseases that can accommodate a virtual consultation.

The administrator, Father Roshan Crasta, blessed and inaugurated the establishment with a short prayer service. The deputy administrator, Fr. Rohan Michael Dias, joined in blessing the place. .

Medical Superintendent Dr GirishNavada, Assistant Medical Superintendent Dr Deepa Pais and the Hospital Clinical Committee jointly organized this inaugural program and were instrumental in establishing this facility.

The Director, Dr ESJ Prabhu Kiran, the Deputy Director, Dr Vilma Meera D’Souza and faculty members were present for the blessing and inauguration.

Dr Girish Navada moved the vote of thanks.

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