Ministry of Education opens online application for professional licenses

Doha: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has opened the application for the Professional Head Teachers License for the 2022/2023 academic year, effective Sunday through Thursday 22 August.

The Ministry has indicated that the registration process for professional licenses will be done electronically via the following link: The Ministry will later announce the process for obtaining the professional license for teachers.

The professional license system allows the various stakeholders in the educational process (teachers, coordinators, academic representatives, administrators, delegates for kindergarten affairs and school principals) to file their applications for obtaining a professional license according to their different titles of use. In addition, the system allows them to renew their licenses, except for the first level (a teacher).

The system allows the school principal to evaluate teachers through the evaluation form to determine the level of teacher performance in accordance with national professional standards. The professional license system aims to make learning, progress and achievement a top priority, ensuring that students reach the highest abilities to contribute effectively to the advancement of Qatari society in the future.