! Murcia Today – Murcia launches new online nomination system for regional ministries


Date of publication: 09/11/2021

The system is already operational and offers a simplified process for people living in the region of Murcia

The Region of Murcia has launched a new online portal that allows residents to easily request an appointment via their computer, mobile phone or tablet with one of the official ministries of the community.

In order to schedule a date, a person simply needs to enter their personal data (NIF, first and last name), as well as the specific center and department they need. The system will then offer the user a range of available dates.

With the new addition of the Institute of Social Action of Murcia (IMAS), the portal offers face to face appointments for several departments of the regional government:

  • Women
  • Equality
  • LGTBi
  • Families and social policy
  • Education and culture
  • Company, Employment and Universities
  • Regional Employment and Training Service (SEF)
  • Office of the Directorate-General for European Budgets
  • Funds
  • Tax agency
  • Assistance with registers

Previously, each department had its own online reservation system, but an increase in demand led authorities to unify them all under a single system for ease of use.

Since December of last year, nearly 300,000 online appointments have been made by Murcianos.

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