MVD expands online appointment booking


MVD ADD APPOINTMENTS: As COVID-19 numbers improve statewide, the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division is launching a new appointment scheduling system on Monday “that will increase the number and type of appointments which can be taken online at, ”according to a press release. .

The statement from MVD’s parent agency, Taxation and Revenue, says the online appointment system was down this weekend when it was updated. Existing appointments will be honored – no need to book again – and starting Monday, drivers and vehicle owners will be able to schedule additional transactions beyond New Mexico licenses for the first time, licenses of ‘real identity for the first time and delivery of the vehicle title in the state transfer and registration documents. On Friday, it was not clear what those additions would include.

An upgrade will allow customers to check in for their appointments from the parking lot via SMS. Customers in “yellow” or “green” counties will no longer be screened at the entrances to MVD offices, but will have been asked online to skip the appointment if they develop symptoms of COVID-19.

The press release says, “MVD has made efforts to move more of its online services to meet customer demand while ensuring COVID security. Around 3,200 transactions per month are currently carried out outside MVD’s offices due to innovations made by MVD throughout the pandemic. “

THIS SINKING FEELING (MANHOLE COVER): Recently, a caller reported manholes around the city that looked fine after road works have since sunk meaning drivers are negotiating for landmines.

David Morris of the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Services Board obtained manhole 411 from his colleague Rachel Stone:

• There are 49,502 manholes in the Water Authority network.

• In addition to manholes, metal covers protect valves, telecommunications equipment, gas lines and more. Not all of them are maintained by the Water Authority, which only deals with sewer manholes and water valve covers on city streets.

Stone says there are many reasons why a valve or manhole cover could sink and create a bump in the road:

AGE: The most common reason is age and normal wear and tear. What usually happens is that the concrete collar surrounding the metal cover cracks due to age and then the metal ring that holds the cover together and the cover settle down.

WEATHER SITUATION: Extreme temperatures in our city are tough on concrete and asphalt. These extremes cause the asphalt and concrete to expand and contract, causing wear and settling.

IMPROPER OR INSUFFICIENT HARDENING OF NEW CONSTRUCTION: Extreme cold like the one we have experienced recently can lead to poor hardening of fresh asphalt and new concrete collars, which can lead to settling. Concrete and asphalt require temperatures of at least 40 ° F and rising for proper curing. In summer, concrete and asphalt need time to cool to harden properly; if a road is reopened before hardening is complete, damage and settling may occur.

ASPHALT MANAGEMENT: Some manholes appear to have settled in the road when in fact they are just surrounded by a buildup of asphalt from repaving.

The Water Authority recommends calling 842-WATR (9287), option 1, to report damage or settling of manholes so that repairs can be made as soon as possible.

Editorial page editor D’Val Westphal tackles commuter issues for the metro area on Monday. Contact her at 823-3858; [email protected]; or 7777 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109.


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