Napolcom activates online application for April PNP exams

(Courtesy of Napolcom)

MANILA – The National Police Commission (Napolcom) announced on Friday that its online examination request scheduling system (OLEASS) will be activated on Monday.

The national exam will be held on April 9 for the Philippine National Police Entrance Exam (PNPE) and April 10 for the promotional PNP exam, Napolcom Vice President and General Manager Vitaliano Aguirre said on Friday. II, in a press release.

OLEASS at will be open from February 14 at noon for the PNPE for applicants whose surnames begin with A and B; February 15 for candidates whose surname begins with C, D, E and F; February 16 for G, H, I, J, K and L; February 17 for M, N, O, P and Q; and February 18 for R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z.

For the promotional exam, the server will be available starting at noon on February 19 for the 4th class police officer (corporal and staff sergeant) exam; and from February 21 for the Police Officers 3rd Class Examination (Master Sergeant, Senior Master Sergeant, Chief Master Sergeant, and Executive Master Sergeant); 2nd Class Police Officer Examination (Lieutenant and Captain); and 1st Class Police Officer Examination (Major and Lieutenant Colonel).

Given limited resources, regional offices will limit the number of applicants they will accept.

Acceptance of online applications will be on a first-come, first-served basis and, with proper notice, may be terminated even before the deadline.

“In view of the cases of Covid-19 in the areas where the examinations are to be administered, the regional office concerned reserves the right to limit the number of candidates to be accommodated. Napolcom can also cancel the exam at any time as required by the relevant LGU (local government unit),” Aguirre said.

The period for submitting applications with full requirements is from February 21 to March 14.

Exam fee is PHP 400 for PNPE and 4th class exam; PHP450 for the 3rd class exam; PHP500 for 2nd class exam; and PHP600 for the 1st class exam.

OLEASS allows candidates for the PNPE and the promotion exam to choose the exam center regardless of their place of residence.

The PNPE exam is open to Filipino citizens under the age of 30 with a bachelor’s degree.

Patrollers whose appointments are temporary due to lack of proper eligibility are also required to sit for the entrance exam.

The promotion exam is open exclusively to all qualified uniformed members who meet the minimum exam qualification standards in terms of rank and eligibility.

A candidate must drop off the application materials in person at any of the 17 regional offices on the scheduled appointment date with the confirmation slip sent by email; application form and form duly completed; two recent, identical 1×1 photo identification (ID) photos in color with white background and full name tag (for PCP members, name tag must show rank before name); a legal size window envelope with a postage stamp worth PHP21; academic record transcript (with special order issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd); degree issued by CHEd-accredited state schools, universities, and colleges; birth certificate on secure paper issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority; and government-issued identification with signature (Social Security System, Civil Service Insurance System, voter’s card, postal card, passport, driver’s license, Professional Regulation Board [PRC]).

Patroller/Patroller candidates with temporary appointments must bring a certified copy of attested appointment, plantilla appointment, or special order, and government-issued identification with signature.

Candidates for the promotion exam must submit the first four requirements mentioned above; certified copy of the attested appointment, plantilla appointment or PNP absorption order; Certificate of Eligibility/Certification issued by Napolcom Central Office, Certificate of Eligibility from Public Service Commission or Certificate from PRC Board of Directors; and government-issued ID with signature.

A candidate who fails or does not pass the exam for any reason does not need to resubmit the requirements when reapplying for the same exam at the same test center.

In such cases, the candidate will only have to present the admission slip for the last exam requested, complete a new application form, submit the form with passport photos and pay the exam fees. (PR)