New online form: request for a pension estimate in the event of disability

We recently added a new online form, the Disability Pension Estimate Request. Employees can access the form on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Applications are submitted electronically directly to the ETF for processing.

To access the form, please guide eligible employees* to the Disability Benefits page and direct them to the ETF Web Forms under Related Resources.

ETF Web Forms

From ETF Web Forms, employees can log in or create a new MyWisconsin ID and then complete the form.

ETF Web Forms is a new page designed to host online forms. The request for a pension estimate in the event of disability is the first form we offer on this page.

About MyWisconsin ID

MyWisconsin ID allows citizens to create a single account, tied to a personal email address, to sign in to participating Wisconsin government websites. The migration of apps to using MyWisconsin ID will happen over the next few years.

Advice for employees

  • Employees must create a MyWisconsin ID using a staff e-mail address. Employees can not register with a or email address.
  • To create an account, employees must click Login on the ETF Web Forms page, then select the Register link on the MyWisconsin ID login page.
    Screenshot of selecting Login on the ETF web forms page followed by the registration link on the MyWisconsin ID login page
  • If employees need additional help setting up their accounts, please refer them to our ETF Web Forms help page. This help page is also linked to the Disability page.

* Eligibility for retirement in case of disability

To determine disability retirement eligibility, you and your employees can consult the Disability Retirement Benefits brochure (ET-5107).