Odisha Department of Higher Education Modifies Online Application to Ease Plus III Admission Process – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

BHUBANESWAR: In order to make the Plus III admission process hassle-free and error-free, the Department of Higher Education has decided to make some changes to the Common Application Form (CAF) online submission for the upcoming session academic.

In accordance with a notification issued by the department, for students taking the Council for Upper Secondary Examination (CHSE), their details will be automatically retrieved from the CAF by providing the examination year and the CHSE matriculation number. Students will have the ability to edit fields manually in case any information is wrong, which was not the case before. For students from councils other than the CHSE, they will need to fill in the CAF details manually.

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This year, different handicap categories will be available in the CAF under the booking detail in a drop-down menu that will allow applicants to choose their handicap category, the nature of the handicap and its percentage. Also, this time, the availability of college accommodation facilities will be clearly indicated in the form, which will make it easier for residential students to choose their institutions based on the availability of hostel places.

To ensure that the application forms are free of errors, students will be allowed to print the CAF for self-checking and prior to final submission, an alert message will be displayed three times to ensure rectification of errors in the application form.

This time, students will also need to apply online for their University Leave Certificate using their existing Student Academic Management System login. The college authorities will verify the online application and issue the certificate at their level.

For the smooth running of the admissions process, college admissions officers will be trained by the department ahead of the process in the five regional directorates of education, Deputy Director Rajesh Sahoo said.