Online application for high school exams until October 7

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The Madhya Pradesh Secondary Education Council (MPBSE) extended the enrollment date citing requests from students and schools. Now, students can file online registration for Class IX, in addition to exam requests for high school, high school and other exams with no late fees until October 7.

The deadline for submitting applications was Thursday, September 30.

As per the instructions of the council, the filing date for the online registration and examination form for regular students is now October 7. This applies to pupils of class IX.

For students who register online for high school / HC / other exams, the last date is October 7th. For this, students must submit Rs 900 as an exam fee. There will be no late fees until the mentioned date.

“After October 7, students who register but have not paid their exam fees will have to pay Rs 100 as a late fee,” said Deven Sonwani, a divisional officer.

For admitted students whose form is not completed before October 31, 2021, the same examination fees will apply. However, they will be required to pay a late fee of Rs 2,000. If the process remains incomplete and the student does not pay the necessary exam fee by the end of November, the late fee charged will be Rs 5,000. After December, the applicable late fees will be Rs 10,000.

Any delay leads to a chain reaction

“We often see students cry and in pain because they miss the core dates. So, we also informed the schools and asked them to complete the process for all regular students as soon as possible. The late fees charged have been increased due to the delay affecting the review process. Once the exam forms are completed, there are many other processes and plans. Any delay further extends the timeline for all processes, ”said Deven Sonwani, divisional officer.

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Posted on: Monday October 04, 2021 12:46 am IST

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