Online application for Plus 3 Phase-II admission from 23 November


(a) Applicants, who have been previously selected and have been admitted, previously selected and not admitted and not selected at all in phase I.

(b) Applicants who did not apply during Phase I for various reasons.

2.CIF fees:

Applicants according to point 1. (a) do not have to pay CAF fees as they have already paid during Phase-I. These applicants will need to log into the SAMS portal with their existing username and password to modify their existing CAF in order to provide new options (choices) for institutions as well as they can modify their scores / booking / weighting, if they are incorrect.

b) Applicants according to point 1. (b) will have to create their individual username and password in the SAMS portal and fill in the CAF with the relevant information. When filling the CAF, it is advisable to check the scores obtained / booking criteria / weight and bank details. These new candidates will have to pay the CAF fees.

c) All applicants can complete a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 options (choices).

3. Selection method (first selection):

a) If the desired number of candidates is available for the categories and subjects after the CAF completion deadline, the selection will be made on the basis of merit (scores obtained in the Plus 2 exam and weighting score taken together) in accordance with to the reservation policy.

b) If the required number of applicants in different booking categories is not available with regard to vacant positions by category and subject, the selection of applicants will be made solely on merit (scores obtained on the Plus 2 exam and weighting score taking together) after seat de-reservation.

At the end of the admission (first selection), if vacancies persist, the second selection procedure will be followed as for the first selection. And after the completion of the first and second selection, a list of candidates on the waiting list (five times the actual vacant position) will be provided in the connection of HEIs. Candidates on the waiting list will be notified accordingly (by SAMS connection as well as by SMS).

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All selected applicants are required to pay the admission fee to generate and upload the invitation letter with CLC. If an applicant is selected for more than one college or college with different subjects, it is their responsibility to decide where they wish to be admitted. A candidate is allowed to pay and register against only one option.

It is mandatory for applicants to enroll in the selected college after downloading the “newsletter”.