Online Appointment For Opd Leaves Kgmu Patients In A Difficult Situation | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Safal Mahto (42) from Bihar has been suffering from pain in lower abdomen and burning sensation when urinating for more than five months.
After doctors referred him to King George’s Medical University, he came all the way to Lucknow but was refused registration at the OPD as consultation is not walk-in.
“My symptoms are getting worse. I don’t have a smartphone and I’m not aware of the appointment procedure,” Mahto told TOI.
Around 4,000-5,000 patients visit KGMU OPD daily. Of these, nearly 600-700 patients are from other parts of UP and neighboring states, who are unaware of the new online appointment system for OPDs. They must leave disappointed or wait days in Lucknow for a consultation.
Although a room has been set up on the ground floor of the new OPD building for these patients, it does not have a sign. Of those who come to this ward, only a few get on-site appointments depending on the severity of their illness. Bhital Adhikari (36) from Nepal has been suffering from psoriasis since 2018 and his condition is getting worse. “I was asked to come with an appointment. When I insisted on seeing a doctor urgently, I was asked to go to the appointment room on site. There too, I was asked to come later,” she says.
Sitapur resident Ram Naresh Rawat, 76, with orthopedic condition, and thyroid patient Ganga Prasad, 73, from Sultanpur came for consultation but must have come back disappointed.
KGMU OPD Manager Dr. Kulranjan said, “In addition to providing on-site appointments for patients with cancer and other serious illnesses, we are working to strengthen the online system. Soon, billboards will be set up to inform patients of the procedures for on-site appointments.