Online form must be completed with service priority number and details, deadline October 3

On behalf of the Civil Service Commission of Rajasthan, successful candidates for the main examination under the Combined State and Subordinate Services Recruitment Examination of Rajasthan-2021 will be required to complete the detailed application form in line and order of service priority. The gradation of services and detailed guidelines have been published on the Commission’s website. Applications completed offline and in order of service priority will not be accepted.

According to Commission Secretary HL Atal, the link to complete the online detailed application form and service priority order will be available from September 19 to October 3, 2022 at midnight. No opportunity will be given for the same after the stipulated time. Applicants who have qualified for the main exam will be able to complete the detailed application form and service priority order via the detailed form with exam link available under My Recruitment by selecting the recruitment portal in their SSO login. Admission to the interview will only be granted after completing the detailed application package and online service priority order.

factual record

  • Recruitment was made for 363 state service positions and 625 subordinate service positions.
  • Online applications were invited from July 28 to August 27, 2021.
  • The preliminary examination was held on October 27, 2021 at all district capitals and subdivisions.
  • More than 6 lakh applicants registered for the preliminary examination.
  • The main examination was performed in 113 centres. About 20,000 candidates were registered.
  • The main exam was held on March 20 and 21, 2022 at all divisional headquarters in the state.
  • Out of about 20,000, 18,000 participated. Average attendance was 88%.
  • The category cut marks were also released with the result on August 30, 2022.

Modification will not be possible after final submission

Secretary Atal stated that after the final submission of the Detailed Application Form and Service Priority Form by the candidate, no amendments will be acceptable and no further opportunity will be given for this. Therefore, before submitting the final Service Priority Order, the Applicant should carefully review the completed Service Preferences and other guidelines.

Service Priority Order Execution Guidelines

  • Non-TSP/TSP/NGE in the above exam from applicants. Only one Service Priority PO is being populated for positions. Thus, by completing only one service priority order form, the TSP will be reduced. The order of preference (1 and 2) filled in by the applicants in the online application form should be considered deleted.
  • In relation to the service priority order, in the corrigendum dated September 28, 2021 of said review, services in which the number of advertised jobs has been increased to ‘0’ have been removed and TSPs in subordinate services . Sector services have also received serial numbers. Thus, the revised service wise gradation has been posted on the Commission’s website. Therefore, keeping in mind the service form issued as above, complete the service priority order.
  • In the event that candidates belonging to the TSP area do not meet the order of priority for both TSP and non-TSP services, they will not be considered for positions in both types of services.
  • In the service priority order form, the state service positions in which NGEK positions are included are indicated by asterisks. The service priority order of the NGE positions of the candidate applying to the NGE will automatically be considered the service priority order of the NGE based on the original service priority order completed by the candidate.
  • Services that will be prioritized in the service priority form by the applicant will only be considered for those services. The services which will not be fulfilled by the candidate in the order of priority, will not be taken into account for the services taking into account the abandonment of the candidate.
  • The applicant can save the filled information via Save & Next while completing the Detailed Application Form and Service Priority Order. If the candidate wishes to make changes to the information provided, he can modify/update the information provided before the final submission.

Exceptional Sportsman, Former Military and Departmental Personnel Category

Only outstanding applicants in the Athletes, Veterans, and Department Employees category after completing the detailed application package and online service priority order from October 6 to October 13, 2022 in their detailed application package in order of service priority in duplicate and on self-certified documents. Signed photocopies must be submitted to the commission office by mail or in person. All remaining applicants will be required to submit the Detailed Application Form together with the Service Priority Order in duplicate and self-attested photocopies of the necessary documents at the time of the interview.

Release of RAS-2021 Main Exam Results: RPSC uploaded to website, date of personality and defense not fixed