Plans to help provide better care made simple through the online form

Cornwall residents who feel they need care and support can now apply for help via an online form.

The form was developed as part of Cornwall Council’s Delivering Better Care program and should make it easier for people who prefer to use online services to seek help.

Once submitted, it automatically feeds into the council’s systems, greatly simplifying the process and supporting the council’s goal of helping people get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Andy Virr, Cabinet Member of the Cornwall Council for Adults and Public Health, said: ‘We are looking closely at the different ways residents can contact us and how we can use the information they provide to support them. in the best possible way.

“As we continue our journey to transform adult social care in Cornwall, we will look for other ways to make our processes smoother and ultimately achieve our goal of enabling people to get the support they need to live safely, in vibrant and supportive communities. ”

We understand that not everyone will be able to access online services, so this is not the only way to get help. You can always contact us by phone.

To find out all the ways you can contact the council for support from our adult social care teams, you can visit our website.

If you want to learn new skills to help you be more confident, our digital inclusion team can help. You can enroll using this website or visit your local library to inquire about these free online courses.

To learn more and have your say on our Delivering Better Care program, please visit Let’s Talk Cornwall Webpage.