Practo launches 24/7 veterinary telemedicine and online pet consultation services

Telemedicine giant based in Bengaluru PracticeTo announced the launch of veterinary telemedicine services on its platform. As part of these services, the company partners with licensed veterinarians across India to offer 24/7 online pet consultation services.

The service, which was launched as a pilot project last month, saved two lakh search queries regarding diet management, flea and tick medication, food allergies and behavioral problems in companion animals.

According to Practo, they received requests from more than 40 cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR and Mumbai. After receiving a massive response, the service has now been officially launched as part of Practo’s telemedicine services.

Shashank ND, co-founder and CEO, Practo [Image Credit: Practo]

“Our foray into virtual veterinary care aligns with our larger vision of improving access to quality health care. With many people taking care of pets for the first time during the coronavirus-induced lockdown, and several others anxious to visit a clinic in the midst of this pandemic, we want to offer them a practical but reliable solution, ”Siddhartha Nihalani , Vice President – Product of Practo said in a statement.

Pet parents can now connect with verified vets via audio, video or text anytime and anywhere through the mobile app or website. This will help pet parents to get timely advice, allowing for faster diagnosis of harmful diseases.

With more With 20 million households with pets in India, this service will help people get medical care for their pet children from the comfort of their own homes, the company said.

Amid fears related to the COVID-19 pandemic and working from home, this service will be able to help pet owners get the right advice in a timely manner.

Last year, when the lockdown was announced, many local veterinary care startups such as Pawshbox and Wiggles expanded their services such as rapid delivery of food and medical supplies, as well as online consultation, as many pet owners were concerned about the immunity and grooming of their pets. .

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