“Precautionary Dose” Online Appointment Begins Saturday Night | India News

NEW DELHI: People eligible to receive a “precautionary dose” of Covid vaccines can make an appointment online from Saturday evening. However, re-registration of these beneficiaries would not be necessary, the health ministry said.
“Those who have taken two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine can directly make an appointment or go to any Covid-19 vaccination center,” an official said.
The administration of the precautionary dose of the Covid vaccines will begin from January 10. Health and frontline workers, and those over 60 with co-morbidities will be eligible to receive the “precautionary dose” or booster. However, the precautionary dose will be administered with an interval of nine months after the second dose.
The schedules for the third dose will be posted on Co-Win on Saturday, the official said.
Vaccination with an on-site appointment will begin on January 10, she added.
The government has already specified that the “precautionary dose” will be the same jab as the first and second doses. Those with Covaxin will receive Covaxin and those with Covishield will receive Covishield.
According to government projections, it is estimated that nearly three crores of healthcare and frontline workers are eligible in January to receive the booster or “precautionary dose” of the Covid vaccine. In addition, 2.75 crore of people in the age group of 60 and over with co-morbidities are projected across the country. UP, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu have most people in this category. However, very few of these people may actually be eligible to receive the third dose in January after completing the 9 month interval.
The government has maintained that it is monitoring emerging information, science and data on vaccine mixing and heterologous approaches.