PTAB Enables Entry of POP Review Requests Using Online Form | Jones Day


The PTAB has added an online form to the USPTO website that allows you to submit an amicus request regarding a request pending review by a Prior Opinion Panel (POP). This form will allow interested parties to quickly provide information on whether a request for POP review should be accepted or refused.

The submission form allows individuals to submit an amicus request supporting or opposing a pending POP review request in a particular case. Individuals must provide certain information about themselves and the case in which the POP request was made, explain why they support or oppose the POP request (e.g. the decision is / is not contrary to the precedent of Supreme Court, Federal Circuit or Council), and certify that the form is submitted within seven working days of the entry of the notice of receipt of the POP application in the case file or the application file patent. This information will be entered in the file of the case or of the patent application.

A submission should include the name of the author, any affiliations, and any client represented, and can explain why the POP request should or should not be granted. All submissions must be made within seven working days of the notification of receipt of the POP application entering the case file or patent application file. Access the online form on the PTAB Precedential Opinion Panel page of the USPTO website.

Below is a screenshot of the POP Amicus form.


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