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Now it looks like test volunteers are a thing after Royal Caribbean’s social media announcement. The cruise line has posted people to apply to become a test volunteer on mock cruises, no doubt missing cruises will be eager to apply, but that’s not what you think.

As the cruise line prepares to resume cruises in 2021 and following the news CDC framework on a conditional navigation order, she announced today that she is looking for volunteers for the cruises. Royal Caribbean posted on Facebook: “Can’t wait to go on a cruise? You are in the right place. It’s your one-stop-shop for updates and next steps to join us on a simulated cruise as we return to adventure.

The cruise line has implemented a new online form where people interested in mock cruises can apply. The quick process doesn’t go into too much detail and adds interested people to a list. This does not guarantee that cruisers will be chosen, and undoubtedly, several requirements will be necessary.

Go to the online form here.

Royal Caribbean has also created a new Facebook group called “Volunteer of the Seas”, which has already gained 7.4 thousand members. It looks like there will be no shortage of volunteers from the cruise line once the trial cruises begin!

Detailed in group settings, the cruise line said it received more than 3,000 emails asking to volunteer on test cruises this week. That didn’t include all the tweets, comments, and posts on his social media channels.

You can access the Volunteer of the Seas group here.

The cruise line has therefore already suspended operations from the United States until 2021. In the meantime, Royal Caribbean is working with CDC and health experts on a safe return to operations, and much of it. will be the need for test crossings.

These cruises will have to test new protocols and head to Royal Caribbean’s own private island in the Bahamas Perfect Day at Coco Cay. These will not be your regular crossings, and there will be extensive testing procedures throughout the vocation process, including in ports.

Test sails: crew members or invited volunteers?

The cruise line said it was continuing to review the new 40-page framework for the Conditional Sailing Order and would announce more details on the test cruises soon. By then, cruise lines should start to get excited about restarting cruises!

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