See the list of doctors offering an online consultation for isolated Covid patients at home


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): In an effort to provide relief to patients suffering from a deadly coronavirus, the district administration and the Indian Medical Association have formed a team of doctors in each constituency of the city’s legislature who will provide an online consultation to isolated patients at home and will also coordinate with hospitals to help them get better treatment.

According to IMA Indore President Dr Satish Joshi and Secretary Dr Sadhna Sodani, teams of doctors have been formed to provide consultations by phone or video call to isolated patients at home. The establishment will be available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Doctors will make individual decisions regarding consultation fees.

“As Covid cases increase, we are trying to reduce the burden on hospitals by providing treatment and consultation to patients at home. 81 doctors have joined the teams and others will give of their time depending on availability. The cost of the consultation will be minimal, ”said Dr Sadhna Sodani.

The following physicians will provide one online consultation assembly per district

Indore Constituency 1 Assembly

Dr Sunil Banthia 9826041451

Dr Gs Tuteja 9752068649

Dr Vijay Harlalka 9826210412

Dr Rajesh Dashore 9826053435

Dr Vallabh Mundra 9826222552

Dr Rupesh Modi 9827036032

Dr Mahesh Gupta 9425104479

Dr Kamaljeet Sabarwal 9826013459

Dr Dilip Balani 9425057575

Interior 2

Dr Surendra Bapat 9826057666

Dr Pravin Dani 9827025587

Dr Manoj Kela 9630408251

Dr Gunjan Kela 9329023535

Dr Subodh Jain 9425320521

Dr Arvind Gedam 9827288440

Dr Rajesh Maheshwari 9425054455

Dr Manish Bindal 9425319797

Dr Sunil Barod 98932 37007

Dr Ashish Badika 8120053337

Dr Anand Rao Pawar 9425715701

Dr Sourabh Malviya 9406880677

Dr Bharat Rawat 9717783168

Dr Abhyuday Verma 7869270767

Dr Suraj Verma 7303991091

Dr Ashish Bagdi 9617139936

Dr Arpit Tiwari 9893755353

Dr Nikhlesh Jain 9424443798

Dr Alkesh Jain 9926073919

Dr Nitin Modi 9826612225

Interior 3

Dr Shekhar Rao 9826060629

Dr Ravi Verma 9425056231

Dr Sunanada Jain 9826043390

Dr Divyanshu Goyal 9826060933

Dr Ashish Jindal 9827622310

Dr Tanmay Choudhary 9826711010

Dr Ashok Jain 9303271447

Dr Arpan Jain 9826038833

Doctor Vinay Tantuvay 9826030049

Dr Kutumble Rajnish 9826329353

Dr Jitendra Bansal 9827237863

Dr Tanay Joshi 9179279361

Dr Vivek Dubey 9425077752

Indore 4

Dr Nirmal Lakhotia 9827074062

Dr Natwar Sharda 7440443321

Dr Ak Pancholiya 9827027920

Dr Digvijay Neema 9826010949

Dr VS Sharda. 9302103214

Dr Satish Lahoti 9827236967

Dr Mahesh Rathi 9826313130

Dr BK Khandelwal 9425056599

Indore 5

Dr Ulhas Mahajan 9826028555

Dr Pranay Mahajan 9977333544

Dr Manish Maheshwari 9826252228

Dr Sanjay Jain 9827034115

Dr Hansmukh Gandhi 9826075599

Dr BD Gupta 9993677186

Dr Saket Jati 9827023555

Dr Nitin Sahu 9826049163

Dr Sanjay Dhanuka 9827097521

Dr Sandeep Julka 9977999687

Dr Abhishek Gupta 9907019230

Dr Sanjay Londhe 9826025548

Dr Rajesh Bharani 9826082202


Dr Satish Joshi 9755586971

Dr Pramod Neema 9826042352

Dr Sanjay Gujrati 9827030536

Dr Hemant Athavale 8720000843

Dr RC Sharma 9826047621

Dr Avinash Déole 9826076045

Dr Vinod Rai 8120898844

Dr Sadhna Sodani 9617770161

Dr Rajendra Sodani 9425063403

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Posted on: Monday April 19, 2021 12:25 IST


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