The 7 Best Online Form Builder Apps For Data Collection

Looking to collect data, but don’t know how to go about it? You liked the online form builder applications. Whether you’re collecting qualitative data for research, conducting a quick survey, or even hiring, these forms have you covered.

Here are 7 online form builder apps you can use to collect data.

Google Form Template Gallery

Google Forms is one of the most popular online form makers. It is free to use, easy to create, and is ideal for conducting surveys. Google Forms organize the form themes to match your logo or photo, if you use one.

Google forms automatically save your data in Excel format. It also integrates with Google Sheets through Google Workspace. So you can have access to your data in a spreadsheet format.

Its limitation is that it is part of the Google ecosystem, and you need a Gmail account to use it. The customization of the design is also limited and the user must create a strong password to protect it. Finally, you need the Internet to use it.

Price: (Free for a personal account, from $ 6 for Google Workspace).

Microsoft Forms is part of Office 365 and is primarily used to create surveys, polls, and quizzes. It is web based, simple and intuitive to build.

One of its main advantages is that it automatically converts the data on your form into tables and charts that make your data easy to interpret and present. Plus, you can transfer data to Excel for further analysis, and it integrates with Microsoft Flow and SharePoint.

Its limitations include, you must have a Microsoft account to access it. For each form, you can only have a maximum of 100 questions. Also, there is no option to save a form when you fill it out. The filling is in one go. Finally, if you use the ranking question, you will only have 2 to 10 as options available.

Price: (Free basic plan, starting at $ 100 for 2,000 responses per month for professionals).

Filling out forms can be exhausting. Typeform took advantage of this and created some interesting forms to fill out. He designs beautiful shapes and asks questions in a conversational tone to keep people engaged.

Typeform makes forms more attractive using images, GIFs, and videos. It is done in a subtle way to encourage filling in questions rather than being a distraction. It also has built-in integration with Google Sheets, Mail Chimp, and Zapier, with which it has over 500 integrations.

Its downsides are that unlike Google Forms and Microsoft Forms, where you can easily export data to a spreadsheet, exporting to Typeform is a bit clunky. You also cannot change the appearance of the form easily. If you’re looking to match your survey with your brand, you can’t.

Price: (Free basic plan and paid plans starting at $ 25).

Before collecting data, how about telling a story? The paper form helps you do this. Its design allows you to tell your story through photos, videos and other media before asking questions.

Paperform looks like a landing page and acts as a landing page substitute. It helps you collect visitor data for targeted marketing campaigns and PPC ads. It’s best to create forms that reflect your brand.

Its downside is that if you create a multi-page form and someone doesn’t fill it out, you can’t email abandoned form fills. It also has a 14 day limited trial period.

Price: (14-day free trial period, starting at $ 12.50 for paid plans).

Wufoo is a cloud-based form builder that makes it easy to create registration forms, inquiry forms, surveys, contact forms, payment forms, and more. To create a form with Wufoo, you just need to drag and drop. If you are looking for a simple form building experience then Wufoo is what you need.

Wufoo fits into everything. You can sync Wufoo with Google Sheets, Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, payment gateways, ESP / CRM emails, and more. Its downside is that it has poor support based on a tiered ticketing system. Their response time will correlate with the plan you’re on. If you have a free plan, expect to wait longer when you have a problem.

Price: (Free with basic features, starting at $ 14.08 for paid plans).

JotForm is an online form builder that allows you to create custom online forms. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create forms. It also contains over 10,000 templates for registration forms, surveys, polls, application forms and much more.

JotForm complies with data privacy regulations. It respects PCI compliance for financial data privacy, HIPAA compliance for health compliance and EU GDPR. It’s compatible with over 80 app integrations including Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Calendar, PayPal, Mailchimp, and more.

Price: (Free version, starting at $ 24 for paid plans).

Formstack has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to create a form. It contains over 300 templates that you can customize, a save and resume function, and supports 36 languages. However, the form creation interface is only in English.

Formstack offers a library of video tutorials, help articles, and walkthroughs that you can use to learn how to create forms. They are useful when exploring more advanced features of Formstack. Another cool feature of Formstack is that it has a theme builder that lets you create forms that match your brand. You can save your theme and use it later when creating other forms. Formstack also integrates with a range of third-party tools that include payment processing like PayPal and Stripe.

A major downside is that Formstack doesn’t have a free plan. It only offers a 14-day free trial. The low cost packages are very restrictive. They limit the number of forms you can create and the monthly form submissions you can make. It also has data storage limits and customer support is slow.

Price: (14-day free trial, starting at $ 50 for paid plans).

Online data management using online forms

If you had to collect data back then, you did it through paper forms. The process was tedious and stressful. Thanks to technology, those days are long gone.

Online form builders have made it easier and everything is now online. Be sure to check out the online form generators above and see which one will meet your needs.

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