VirtoSoftware presents the improved Virto Kanban Board online application for Office 365 and MS teams

The latest major Kanban board update may come as an absolute surprise to app users or will be the feature pack that VirtoSoftware customers have already been waiting to implement.

LOS ANGELES – October 18, 2021 – (

VirtoSoftware presents the major update to the Virto Kanban Board online application for Office 365 and MS Teams. The updated Kanban Board app includes:

  • Using subtasks or a checklist function.
  • Quick change of lane.
  • Short / full view of Kanban cards.
  • The new style of fonts and icons.

Virto Kanban app supports subtasks

The VirtoSoftware development team added the logic of parent-child tasks to the Kanban Board application. When a task is too important and must be split into smaller steps, the subtask mode can be used.

The main advantages of using subtasks are:

  • More detailed estimates in costs and dates.
  • Sub-tasks help define bottlenecks and problem areas.
  • Ability to plan day-to-day steps.
  • Get an idea of ​​the possible solutions for better efficiency.
  • Better communication within a team and overall transparency.

Work with lanes on a board

When a project team applies special software tools to run a project, the real state of the work becomes evident. The project structure, complexity, and resources involved may require more means of grouping and categorization to keep it clear to the team and stakeholders.

For example, in software development, epics should be broken down into user stories. And user stories require a division into tasks and subtasks. Virto Kanban Board users can transfer this logic to the board, where epic is a board and the user story is a horizontal corridor with relevant tasks. In this way, lanes on a Kanban board become an additional way to group work as appropriate.

In the last major update, VirtoSoftware has improved working with lanes. Now it is no longer necessary to open the table settings to change the lane field to another. Just users choose the field from the drop-down list right on the set. Switching between swimlane fields allows users to analyze tasks from different sides without creating multiple boards for the same list and different swimlane fields.

Full view and short view of maps

The changes affected the tooltip and the view / edit form. Now the tooltip is changed to a short view and the view / edit form to a full view.

The main reason for such an update was to display the tooltip and edit form in one place. Users click on a task and simply toggle the toggle to see the view they need right now. The field set for both views is fully customized as before.

New font and icons

If you are working on the Virto Kanban board, functionality is key, but looks are a nice bonus for Virto users. Now the Kanban board has a new font and the task titles are more prominent. The upgraded icons have the same logic but have changed their styling to a more refined style.

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VirtoSoftware presents the improved Virto Kanban Board online application for Office 365 and MS teams

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