Watch: 186,500 people take advantage of Dubai’s ‘Doctor for Every Citizen’ online consultation

Dr. Waad Al Maftool, Family Medicine Specialist at DHA, said: “This service has been of great help, especially during the pandemic, when it was difficult for residents to physically travel to a clinic or a hospital. Therefore, it has increased exponentially over the past two years.

While UAE citizens with government health insurance can purchase this service, resident expats also benefit from this coverage, which depends on the type of insurance they have. All they have to do is call the DHA toll-free number 800342 to register or log in directly through the DHA app.

“However, during COVID-19, if any patient has symptoms or wishes to be informed of their condition by the doctor, this service is provided free of charge via the app to all residents of Dubai. We have elderly residents with COVID -19 who have gained confidence through our guidance and who have mild symptoms are able to manage their health through this service,” Dr Maftool added.

The DHA has invited pharmaceutical companies to register their entity and manufacture in Dubai. DHA has launched its investment guide dedicated to health. Residents, citizens or foreign investors can log on to Residents, citizens or foreign investors can visit the DHA website and download the guide.

Shurooq Al Banna, an investment specialist in DHA’s Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) department, told Gulf News: “Individuals looking to invest in clinics, hospitals, diagnostic labs or any other healthcare allied health in government, private or individual projects can in fact get full information about it in this guide. There are a lot of ongoing and proposed projects and people can take their pick.

Al Banna added: “During the pandemic, the need for local manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, gloves and sanitizers has increased. With the support and encouragement of DHA, several start-ups and new pharmaceutical organizations have started manufacturing products such as antibiotics, drug pills, suspensions, first aid drugs, bandages in the free zones here. Today we have several businesses and hope to expand them to create a self-sustaining healthcare manufacturing area in Dubai.