“WC residents should ensure that each step of the online form is completed”

Presenter Lester Kiewit chats with Statistics South Africa’s Patrick Kelly.

  • Stats SA census data collection continues in the Western Cape until Saturday May 14
  • Households can complete the questionnaire online here no data charges
  • Stats SA Chief Director Patrick Kelly assured Western Cape residents that all personal information collected was confidential
  • He says the census impacts the lives of every resident of the province

A screenshot of the online census portal.

Statistics South Africa says it is encouraged by the increase in participation in the 2022 Census in the Western Cape after encouraging households to complete the questionnaire in line.

The 2022 census data collection deadline has been extended to Saturday May 14 in the Western Cape to give residents more time to get counted.

Last month, Stats SA chief executive Patrick Kelly told CapeTalk that some people in the province were refusing to cooperate with census field workers.

He also noted some difficulties with counting households in rural areas as well as those in gated communities, estates and compounds.

Since the rise of the commercialization of online census questionnaire at the end of last month, Kelly said more than 55,000 Western Cape residents had responded to the survey.

However, he says an additional 20,000 participants started the questionnaire but failed to complete it until the end.

Kelly urged residents to make sure they complete every step of the survey as it affects funding and service delivery in various communities.

More than 2,000 field workers are canvassing across the province, primarily in Cape Town’s metro and Cape Winelands district.

Kelly says Stats SA is in talks with city officials so local libraries can be used by those without access to electronic devices to complete the online questionnaire.

If you have access to a device, you can complete the survey in 15-30 minutes and it won’t cost you any data.

Click here to complete the 2022 Census questionnaire online.

We have over 55,000 people in the Western Cape who have completed the online questionnaire since April 20 when we really started rolling it out, so we are very encouraged by that. We obviously want many, many more to do so.

Patrick Kelly, Chief Director – Statistics South Africa

If you are going to complete the questionnaire online, please do it all the way and get a reference number, then we can match it to where you live and we can mark it as a completed form.

Patrick Kelly, Chief Director – Statistics South Africa

No data is charged to the individual when you complete the census form, it is data free and we cover this cost with the service provider.

Patrick Kelly, Chief Director – Statistics South Africa

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