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The online application process for Haj 2022 began on Monday with Union Minister for Minorities Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi announcing significant reforms and improved facilities for the pilgrimage. While announcing the Haj 2022 at Haj House in South Mumbai, Naqvi said that the entire Haj process will be 100% digital / online.

At the start of the registration process, News18 provides a guide for applying online for Hajj. It should be noted that the State Hajj Committees will not accept hard copies of handwritten or typed applications. Pilgrims will now have to submit their applications online only at or on their mobile application called “HAJ COMMITTEE OF INDIA”, available on Google Playstore.

Before the submission of the application process begins, the following documents are required to apply for Hajj-2022.

Passport: Applicant’s passport with a specified date is the essential document required to apply for Hajj. To avoid a last minute rush, all potential pilgrims should have a valid machine-readable Indian international passport issued prior to the application dates.

Bank account: Cover Head’s bank account is required to apply for Haj. However, all pilgrims are welcome to open / update their bank account so that the refund can be credited directly to their bank account if required.

Aadhaar Card: The Hajj Committee of India advised every pilgrim to obtain an Aadhaar card and mention the required details in the specified column of the Hajj application form. However, the Aadhaar card is not required to make Hajj requests.

Cell number: All pilgrims should mention their cell phone number in the Hajj app and keep it functional to allow authorities to contact them when needed.

A step-by-step guide to the Hajj 2022 application form:

Step 1: New registration for the Haj app

2nd step: Fill out Haj’s inquiry form

Step 3: Upload photos and documents

Step 4: Make the payment of fees

The steps in detail:

Step 1 : Go to the official website of and click on “HAJ FORM” and select “Apply”.

A screen will appear; click on “NEW USER REGISTRATION”.

After clicking on “NEW USER REGISTRATION”, carefully complete the registration form. Applicants must provide their mobile phone number, email ID, first name and last name. Choose the secure password and reconfirm the password.

Enter the security code. If the information is correct, check the box and click “Send Details”.

2nd step: Account verification. In case of successful submission of the WBS, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. Your account has been activated; You can now connect.

Step 3: Account activated.

Logging in the registered user and filling out the request form

Enter the registered cell phone number and password to complete the online Hajj application form for the year 2022.

Step 4: Identify yourself. After login, the following screen will appear. Click on the appropriate application category. Select the number of adults from the drop-down list Click on the “NEXT” button:

Step 5: Application category.

Fill in the candidate details:

Fill in applicant details (according to Indian international passport), Covid-19 vaccination details, personal details, current residential address, applicant details, bank account details etc. After entering all the details, click on the statement and submit the ‘SAVE & NEXT’ button.

Step 6: Details of the request.

Upload a photo and a document

-Select pilgrims from the drop-down list.

-Click on “Browse” to upload a photo and a document.

-All documents must be in JPG / JPEG format only.

-The photograph (passport size) must be between 10 kb and 100 kb and its width must be between 100 pixels and 148 pixels.

-The size of the documents must be between 100 kb and 500 kb and the width between 570 pixels and 795 pixels.

Step 7: Documents: Download

After uploading photos and documents of all the pilgrims, click on the “Download” button. The above steps must be repeated for each co-pilgrim.

Step 8: Make the payment of fees

– After uploading the images, applicants will automatically access the link for fee payment.

– Applicants can pay the fees by Debit / Credit Card / Net Banking.

Select “Online payment” and click “Click here to pay online”.

-After clicking on Pay Online, you will be redirected to the payment gateway and complete the payment.

Once the transaction is successfully completed, a transaction receipt will be generated. After successful payment, please log back into HAF Online for final submission. Click on “FINAL SUBMISSION”, you will get the alert message. Click on OK.

Step 9: Final submission

Print Hajj Application Form

A unique, system-generated group ID will be displayed, indicating successful online submission. To view / print the online Haj application form, click “Download PDF”.

India Hajj Committee officials said that if documents are uploaded then there is no need to submit your printed HAF and documents to your respective state Hajj Committee at this point. If the documents are not uploaded, please submit a printed copy of the Hajj Application along with the documents to your relevant National Haj Committee by 01-21-2022 to complete the Hajj application process.

Attachments to download with the Hajj app

Prospective pilgrims should download the following documents as an attachment.

1) Payment of non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 300 / – each (online only).

2) Fill out and submit the online Hajj application form.

3) Download the first and last page of valid machine readable Indian international passport.

4) Download the last photo in passport format.

5) Download a copy of the VOID cover head check

6) Upload a copy of the proof of address: if the current address is the same as the one recorded in the passport, a copy of the passport will be sufficient and no further documents will be required. Otherwise, a self-certified copy of any of the following should be attached to the downloaded copy of the completed Hajj application form.

-Aadhaar card

-Bank card booklet

-Identity card with photo of the Electoral Commission; Where

– Utility bill for the last three months of:

-Electricity bill

– Telephone bill (landline).

What is a coverage number?

The cover number is a unique computer generated number obtained from IHPMS software by the Hajj Committee of India after verifying the data entry and relevant documents of pilgrims by the Hajj Committees of the State / of UT. State / UT Hajj committees tell the cover number to the cover manager. Applicants should use this cover number as a reference in all future correspondence. Pilgrims must obtain a cover number from the state / UT Hajj committees, as no Hajj requests will be considered for the Qurrah (lottery) without a cover number.

Coverage refers to applicants applying together as a group, and only family members or significant others should be kept in one cover. The person responsible for coverage must be an adult male only and is responsible for the payments of all applicants included in the coverage.

The accommodation category of all applicants applied in a blanket must be the same. All pilgrims in a blanket must travel together. Under no circumstances will coverage be split, except for matters related to the provision of accommodation in Saudi Arabia due to the unavailability of the unit or the space required.

What is the Qurrah (Lottery)?

Qurrah refers to the computerized lottery. In States / Union Territories where Haj requests received exceed their quota, pilgrims will be selected provisionally by the Qurrah conducted on the covers. The Qurrah is to be completed by the respective State Hajj Committees / UT on the IHPMS software, which is maintained on the India Hajj Committee server. Immediately after the Qurrah, the State / UT Hajj committees will inform the provisionally selected pilgrims of their selection status. All selected pilgrims will also be informed by SMS on their registered mobile number. Pilgrims can also check their status on the Haj committee website.

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